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Flat Pack Structures for growing families

Houses, granny flats and rooms to Australian standards delivered to your door

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Up to 35% off selected in stock items

Flat pack structures provide rapid construction with the flexibility to make your home your own

Modern construction needs a variety of solutions and materials. We provide three construction methods to get you to lock up fast and on budget so you can finish your structure with your own style to make it your own.

We have helped over 600 families create more room in their homes

We have helped over 400 families create more room in their homes

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Stylish and well put together and as an overall product very modern.



I can't believe how smoothly it all went from door to door shipping to New Zealand - Just effortlessly. Peter's communication and professionalism was great throughout.



The product is top class and Goodlifestructures has been great to work with.



The building delivered exactly what was promised, a high quality product that was easy to construct with little to no building experience. Love it!!



We are extremely happy with the outcome. The cabin has added a room to our rental at a much lower cost. The cabin has added space and definitely increased the value of our home.



We're here to help you bring your vision to life

Whether its a shed, garden room, home office or granny flat. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are here to help from initial inquiry through to the completed build

We pride ourself on our customer service , Australia wide

High quality service Australia wide

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